Wo ist der JacK? vs. overGame Ladder
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 56.  120.

 Wo ist der JacK?
 overGame Ladder
Status: closed
MatchID 10918603
Date Monday, 29 September 22:30
Calculated Monday, 29 September 23:08
map mp_crash
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08 : 13
overGame Ladder wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 29 September 23:09
291 kB, Monday, 29 September 23:09, by 2576355 (oG)
Tuesday, 30 September 00:35
334 kB, Tuesday, 30 September 00:35, by 1312979 (JacK.)
Monday, 29 September 23:09
715 kB, Monday, 29 September 23:09, by k h R. (oG)
Monday, 29 September 23:09
aequitas by koxer*
3.3 MB, Monday, 29 September 23:09, by KoXeR (oG)
* No longer available

Wo ist der JacK?

overGame Ladder

comments (26)
hi :D can we play on tuesday ?? the 30.09.08 ??
monday 23:00h can play?
23h??? oO r u serious?
of course..
No, not really.
plz give a normal Time, we can play tomorrow but what about 21:00 ??? give a try !
we can as soon as of 22:30
hey sry, but why you can´t play earlier ?
we quit the work 3 at 22:00 and we do not reach our homes until 22:20
cya this evening

IP: optixx.gaming - promod server
we conformed the time, but we cant play in ur server because we have +100 ping in ur server, not fair play on german server if ur german and us spanish

I think more good if we play on UK server, this is more fair play for everyone. Check this IP - promod server too.

Not good if u play with 20/30 ping and us with +100.
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well we want 2 check the ip but the server ist down...

change plaz !
server is running check it now, thx
My ping is there k, but i can only talk for myself.
we are spanish and the ping of my players is 60-90 ping and i 50 ping
Ok m8, talk with ur team and post message if they can play on the UK server.
server is ok for me!
the server is OK !
What's the pw?
pw war
gg optiXx

...not ._.
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