maybe Team vs. in memory of bomberman
Contestants Parameters
 65.  97.

 maybe Team
 in memory of bomberman
Status: closed
MatchID 10918463
Date Tuesday, 30/09/08 15:30
Calculated 30/09/08 16:57
map mp_crash
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Result Media
13 : 3
maybe Team wins !
Points +3 : 0
30/09/08 16:09
pb guids*
220 kB, 30/09/08 16:09, by 3446322 (maybe?)
30/09/08 16:09
142 kB, 30/09/08 16:09, by 3446322 (maybe?)
* No longer available

in memory of bomberman

maybe Team

comments (12)
Hi, we play tomorrow or what? If yes accept the challenge if now contact me or write here.
yes, but we have some problems because there is an other cw tomorrow.. can we change pls? Also about 22.
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Yes, lest change for tomorrow same time. But u will need to change it then, and i will accept :o
ok, i changed
hi we have italian server
pw mapo
Italian not so good for us ... :/
We have swedish serv - pw: thxmilka
Check it, maybe its ok 4 us both
we ping 120 ._.
wait we looking for de or nl serv
ok thx; password bc
ok cu on
gg thx 4 war guys was fun
gl in future ;)
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