France vs. Italy
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Status: closed
MatchID 26491090
Date Sunday, 22/07/12 14:00
Calculated 23/07/12 15:51
map Mapelimination
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13 : 5
France wins !
Points +3 : 0
23/07/12 15:29
Round 1*
332 kB, 23/07/12 15:29, by y a k z . (France)
* No longer available
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comments (7)
Hi all!

I guess we will be available to play the coming sunday at 19.00 CET.

If u would like to add me on xfire (vikjack) i will be happy to update u on my players toughts!
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Hi Italy,

Monday /07/12 21:00 it's possible foor you ??
if u mean the 23, i don't think so, i mean, the last date for this match is the coming sunday (22) and for us is a good date, even if we'd like to start early.
Hi Italy,

We have already played after deadline. Incoming lan this weekend so we can play monday and next day.
i hear my boys. but if it is monday, probably earlier coz they have to play with their teams
Ok for play at 20h30 ?? ip pw on xfire add me: yakzzzou
my god
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