Name zlupe vs. POWERBAZIS Date 25/02/14
File size 14.8 MB Category replay/demo
File name  75806795.rar
League  Call of Duty 2 Search & Destroy 5on5 Ladder
Match /play/archive/esl-europe/eu/cod2/sd/5on5/ladder/match/29720773/
Match media Demo - - N1AAAk
Description zlupe vs. POWERBASE
8 / 10   (3 Votes)    
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25/12/17 04:03  #2
27/02/14 13:47  #3
Clean player, stop whine stupid german, get brain! You take Leningrad and you dont know how play this map, so stop whine and take normal map noobs.
Mad cuz bad POWERBASES. ;)
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