Johan 'PickoLizac' PickLizac  id: 2694148
CPU nuff Dry
RAM i ram it in hard
Videocard i use DVD not video
Soundcard Why YOU SLAP?
Storage my sock holds all my notes
Motherboard dont cuss my mum
Display IKASU good for watching porn
OS Windows XP Home with a background of aladin
CD/DVD wanna buy some?
Mouse My mouse is called Micky
Mouse Skatez My mouse doesnt skate
Mousepad Scratch my Balls?
Keyboard Wooden
Headphones Hessiensizer (spell) i hear u when ur crouching 2
Connection 56kbs
Wheel/Pedals What u on about?
Joypad Xbox
TV costs money
Sound system Jewish
Console(s) x-box
Handheld(s) Samsung D900
Drink Sunny D
Food Pizza with liver
Movie Come from behind when im in the kitchen
Music Rap
Song Ambitions az a riddah
Book are all boring
Book author one who wrote pokemon
Person Jebacina hes bad man and harder then goku
Actor / Actress Any naked women
Car Mensepusi
Sport Football
Athlete Borat
Map dont use map i got Sat Nav
Player Blazevic
Game Hero Goku (nuff sick)
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Bible Basher
Genre im not a dictonary i dont know what it is
Console Sega Megadrive
Favourite Websites
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4