DELETE vs. sGs Gaming
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 sGs Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 23107955
Date Sunday 21 August 2011 09:10
Calculated Sunday 21 August 2011 09:10
map VETO
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4 : 2
DELETE wins !

19/06/11 15:48
Gamescom 2011
Featured at Gamescom 2011.

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comments (21)
this will be interesting =)

I heard Kamz is going to do a live performance at Gamescon '11 singing this song :o
I also heard a rumour. Apparently Whitehorse86 will be the main shoutcaster!
gl g(u/a)ys :)
I think this will be more impressive if we are all shirtless.
Manhunter wrote:
gl g(u/a)ys :)

man you are so funny !
Haha this Manhunter guy still has me rolling over the floor laughing!
TwoEasy wrote:
Manhunter wrote:
gl g(u/a)ys :)

man you are so funny !

indeed, go get some milk and cookies
gl beunhazen (L)
gl both
tomorrow guyyys :D have fun
wp :)
who won? :-)
epsi won, ofc :)
gg's guys, was a great experience for us, congratz to epsilon :)
is brink dead now?
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