Bumblebee To The Rescue vs. Defiance
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 Bumblebee To The Rescue
Status: closed
MatchID 23107941
Date Tuesday 12 July 2011 21:00
Calculated Tuesday 12 July 2011 21:00
map VETO
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4 : 0
Bumblebee To The Rescue wins !


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comments (5)
I asked h4u if they can play monday or tuesday as we are not avi sunday, waiting for an answer.
As I answered you yesterday, this should be no problem.
Sorry I am not often online on weekends. I answered your pm, Tuesday 21 CET is ok for us too.
Defiance wins the cointoss.
As a ****** on my team didn't know how to install and use ESL Wire, h4u won. See ya gl.
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