Burn Witch Burn vs. wicked SICK .Brink.
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 Burn Witch Burn
 wicked SICK .Brink.
Status: closed
MatchID 23048016
Date Sunday, 03/07/11 14:00
Calculated 05/07/11 14:53
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1 : 0
Burn Witch Burn wins !
Points +3 : 0

Burn Witch Burn

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if you move the match, plz write about it in the comments or protest.
Groupstage rules wrote:
If a participant wishes to reschedule a match they should do so by opening a match protest. Upon requesting the reschedule the participant must suggest at least 3 new times on at least 3 separate dates up to the end of the next playday to play the match. Failure will incur 1 minor penalty.
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