Origine-online.BRINK vs. Burn Witch Burn
Contestants Parameters
 24.  16.

 Burn Witch Burn
Status: closed
MatchID 23396774
Date Monday, 11/07/11 14:00
Calculated 20/07/11 20:13
map Mapelimination
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0 : 2
Burn Witch Burn wins !
Points 0 : +3

Burn Witch Burn


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comments (9)
guys, you have an idea on what day you want to play?
hi, Sunday 8h CET ?
On Sunday at this time we have a Championship match. We can try to play after ... or Saturday.
what time ? it'not possible saturday.
tell me plz. should we wait a new tournament schedule in the news?
we wait you
Today the new patch. all servers not working. Tomorrow we wanted to play with a Rush-Zone. with you we can on any other day. what do you think?
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How about 21:00CET Wednesday?
This result set admin or our opponent? :)

The game slowly dying ...
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