MudWrestlers vs. sGs Gaming
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 sGs Gaming
Status: closed
MatchID 24154174
Date Wednesday, 28 September 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 29 September 01:18
Round Quarterfinals
map Aquarium
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sGs Gaming wins !


sGs Gaming

01/10/11 08:23

sGs Gaming
29/09/11 14:49
WTF?! Incorrect result entered!
Hi, i am filing a complaint for the game sGs vs Mudwrestlers in the Brink Autumn Cup. We showed up on ESL Wire asking them at 19:00 when the match was due to be played if they were ready, yet they didn't have enough players. We waited 20minutes and they still only had 1 player. Therefore we concluded it was a noshow and filled out the result as a default win for sGs. After further chatting we discovered that they don't actually own the game brink and therefore had no intentions of playing other than riding on luck to win through default wins through opposition's inactivity.

Now i visit our match page which shows that we apparantly "noshowed" even though you can see on wirelog's that i was the only active player for the 20minute period in which we were due to play with the rest of my teammates waiting to play, with no MudWrestlers members logged into ESL Wire. As i am typing this i have noticed in chat 1 other member of Mudwrestlers had typed:

19:59:10 Blu Mar Ten: gg
19:59:10 Blu Mar Ten: noshow for us
19:59:07 Blu Mar Ten: sup guys?

As you can see by the time, they turned up an hour later than scheduled and then assumed they had a default win because no response from us an hour after we were scheduled to play. Therefore i would like our 3 Penalty Points to be removed, and for our result to be changed to a default win for sGs.

Regards Samurai.
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