The summer coming to Blub game!
The sun is coming up and it is getting hotter which means the summer is coming! We finished the spring cup but it is time to move on. That is why we have another awesome cup for you in store. You can prove yourself worthy among the best of Blub game. Think you can take on the challenge? Check out this news to find out more about our summer cup!

1on1 Blub game summer cup!

1on1 Summer Cup 2014

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 18:30 - 18:40 CEST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until Tuesday, 18:29 CEST
Date: Tuesday, 8th of July
Start: 19:00 CEST
Size: 64 players
Structure: Double elimination
Coverage: Bracket & Contestants

Basic rules:

Settings See below
Mode: Best of Three
Field 4on4
Rules: Show all rules


Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Register a team
Enter a contact method in your teamdetails
Click the sign up link!

Settings & Schedule

The player on the left side of the ESL page can choose the settings in the first game. The other player can decide the settings for the second game. In case a third game has to be played, you have to use the standard ruleset which is a 4on4 field with speed 1,5x.

We will be having 2 matchdates per week. This will be every Tuesday and Thursday on which we will be playing a match. Should you have any problems with either one of the dates, you can open a protest to arrange a different date.


ESL Premium Account
1st Place: 3 Months
2nd Place: 2 Months
3rd Place: 1 Month

Cup Winner:
Special Summer Award

For the premium prizes we need at least 8 players and for the award at least 16 players

Support & Help

Should you have any questions or problems with the cup or any other kind of difficulty, you can contact us with a Support Ticket! For any problems regarding a specific match, please create a protest.

FaixY, Tuesday, 01/07/14 07:41
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I need more email's please press the send button 5 times again!
#1 Like I wrote in this email, this is an ESL bug. Sorry for that! This will not happen again if you want to know :)

Good luck to all contestants!
what about hall of fame in blubgame?

Can you please update this. (last 21.6.2013)
What about speed settings ?
#3 The Hall of Fame was updated, thanks for the reminder.
#4 Field: 4on4 - Speed: 1.5x

The signups have been extended! The cup will be launched on Sunday, 13/07/14. You will have 4 days to play each Round.
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Thanks for updating hall of fame, Kain. But winners of two cups are incorrect there:

Blub Game 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013 (23.11.2013):
1. teLeX;
2. GK;
3. MILO.

Blub Game 2on2 Spring League 2013 (31.05.2013):
1. jen & GK;
3. ChumaraleX.

Would be nice when you fix it too.

And last request: what about premium for 3rd place in spring league 2014? ;)
Ye, what about the prmium prize and the award ;)
gg when play?
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when start....
Naxii1 wrote:
when start....

mira #5
Naxii1 wrote:
when start....

The cup will be launched on Sunday, 13/07/14. You will have 4 days to play each Round.
yes yes sorry gracias sasha and thank you telex ;)
The bracket is now live and fixed! GL&HF
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