3v3 Challenge - The ranking!
We have reached the halftime of our awesome 3v3 Challenge. A lot of thrilling matches have been played, emotions got raised and a lot of ranking points have been rewarded to the teams. Here is a short overview of the past 2 Qualifier Cups and the actual Ranking.

Challenge Cup #1

The first Challenge Cup was very thrilling. Many known Teams from the Bloodline Champions Community signed up in order to play the tourney. At the end SKgaming.isr made its way to the top. Congratulations!

Place 1: SKgaming.isr
Place 2: animerunkkarit
Place 3: ZOWIEGEAR.com
Place 4: Team Dignitas.BLC

Challenge Cup #2

The second Challenge Cup wasn't less interesting to follow. Again, a lot of well known Teams signed up to fight for points and honor. This time, happy rabbits took the win. Congratulations again!

Place 1: happy rabbits
Place 2: NamiNami
Place 3: AllSeeingEye
Place 4: My Bread Your Toaster


Now that 2 out of 4 cups have been played, we thought it might be time to take a look at the current rankings.

Place 1: SKgaming.isr / happy rabbits
Place 3: NamiNami
Place 4: animerunkkarit
Place 5: ZOWIEGEAR.com / AllSeeingEye
Place 7: Team Dignitas.BLC / My Bread Your Toaster
Place 9: TL allstars / Too Cool / pannacotta
oulivas feeder / Weyland Yutani

Santo, Friday, 08/04/11 06:00
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yet naminami is a finnish team ....
verdi wrote:
yet naminami is a finnish team ....

As well as animerunkkarit and AllSeeingEye.
lol failsanto
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