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About Epsilon

Epsilon eSports was launched in February 2008 with the aim of establishing ourselves one of the leading brand names in the world of eSports. Epsilon is owned by Aris \\\\\\\"Olympus\\\\\\\" Broumas and currently managed by Greg \\\\\\\"slick\\\\\\\" Champagne. Our teams are comprised of players from all over Europe, and they are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world under the Epsilon brand both online and at major eSports events around the globe.
Thanks to both our sponsors and our supporters who are aiding our development, we believe that in accordance with our name, we will achieve \\\\\\\"prosperity through precision\\\\\\\".

Epsilon eSports gives Bonus money to the players for playing in International Competitions. We provide LAN support for our teams after they`ve been in our team for at least three months. Our philosophy is to have teams that are constituted by players of different nationalities. Motivation is everything.

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