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Name Venene.BFBC2
Shorthandle VNN.
Registered since 22/12/09
IRC #venene  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Europe
Our previous organization as known as enlighten networks, a fairly well established organization with high prospects but lack of experience meaning it couldnt move any forward then it had already achieved. With this in mind it has inpsired me to remold the organization and reform into a new organization, venene.esports.
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IRC #venene  (QuakeNet)
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Latest matches
  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Rush Opening Cup
wins   Team Obnoxia  + 3 Sunday, 25/04/10 14:00 0
wins   Brothers Of Scandinavia.bc2  + 3 Tuesday, 13/04/10 14:00 11
loss   Hostile BreeD  0 Sunday, 28/03/10 14:00 6