Professional eSport Management   id:  1885585
Name Professional eSport Management
Shorthandle ProGaming
Registered since 11/06/06
IRC #spielersuche  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of de.manager
Headquarters  European Union
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Player (22)
Inactive (17)
IRC #spielersuche  (QuakeNet)
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» ◤ Professional eSport Management
» Professional eSport Management - join & stay

» ◤ Object
» Overview over international managers and organizers at eSport
» Simple searching of help for projects and clans
» Exchange of experiences with other managers and organizers

» ◤ Membership Conditions
» Join without password!
» premium/trusted member only!
» Leader- respectively management- task must be shown on the project's own website!

You want to join, but the team is full? Then notify the administrator of the team and maybe some member with penalty points will be kicked or you join the team #de.manager, expect you are german!