UnCut.BF4 vs. Finns in Action
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 Finns in Action
Status: closed
MatchID 18535242
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 13/05/10 15:15
map Atacama Desert
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6 : 0
UnCut.BF4 wins !

Finns in Action


comments (14)
you probably have a server, do you want to play today, week, or some other day?
Yes, we have a server. We can play that Sunday but we can also play earlier. If you like to play earlier, Thursday would be best for us. Just let me know.
Thursday is a bad day for us, how about Friday 21.00 - 22.00 cet?
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Can't you play that Sunday?
9.5.2010 today 20.00 cet

server adress?

or i send u friend request
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thurday 13.5.2010 is best day...
20.00-20.30cet start game
Ok 13.5.2010 Thursday 20:30 CET
ok 13.5.2010 Thursday 20:30 CET

server adress?
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server "UnCut"
password: power
ty :)good luck and hafe fun
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