InMemory.of.DarkSite-GamingBC2 vs. Competo.ZYKON systems.BC2
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 Competo.ZYKON systems.BC2
Status: closed
MatchID 18535241
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 16:01
map Atacama Desert
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0 : 4
Competo.ZYKON systems.BC2 wins !

Competo.ZYKON systems.BC2


we were there @18.00 oClock but nobody of competo!

and in Rules is sad that you can play a match erlyer but not later so Competo has got a loose !

DarkSite-Gaming BC2 didn´t appeared. Default win for Competo.ZYKON systems.BC2.
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Hi Competo, if you make it we'll meet again :)
hi, when do you want to play? 18:00cest or later?
Can we maybe play later?
About 20.15cest or something like that?
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ok you dont alswer, so lats play now to the default time.

Server: Competo
pw: 123
where are you? you´r not on the server
lol your funny.
We posted the Server 8 minutes before match beginn and connected on it.
We waited untill 18:30 and no one of your players appeared on the Server or just wrote here in the Matchdetails.

Its so bad that you have to lie in that report above.

Screens are uploaded.
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