Tekstarit vs. CrapCompany
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Status: closed
MatchID 18535231
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 09/05/10 15:02
map Atacama Desert
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3 : 0
Tekstarit wins !



comments (10)
Hey guys

do you have time at the 9th sunday at 19h?

Sunday 9th is perfect for us.
19h already passed.. What's up?
Search: Imp4ct
Pw: giftw
Guess we're gonna play the game on the date & time where it was originally scheduled.. Next sunday @ 18.00 cet
But at 6:53 pm you wrote "what's up?", so what has changed now?
it was 19:53 at the time I wrote it, the match is originally scheduled to 18 cet = 19 our time, one of our player álready left because we didn't play 19:00 our time..
Would be easier to schedule the match if one of your players would actually talk in the pre-match chat..
GG guys, nice match!
Well played guy good luck in next matches (:
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