The Unit vs. Nuclear team
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 The Unit
 Nuclear team
Status: closed
MatchID 18535218
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 12:43
map Atacama Desert
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3 : 1
The Unit wins !

Nuclear team

The Unit

comments (10)
Can you play on 14.05 19:00 CET, your server? Please answer here. For connection you may add our mate in Xfire, login name oool.
can you play 18:00 CET
server search ww.theunit pw esl but we would prefer 18:00 than 19:00 we have a 2. match
sorry but some of our mates can't play today. Can you play tomorrow 18:00?
Or the best day for us to play is Sunday, 16.05
yeah we play 18:00 CET
We didn't manage to find the server by search, so please add me in bc2 nickname Grapezz =(
now you find it, if you search www.theunit the server was without pw sry^^

cu on guys =)
Fail game:
Planting the bomb SEVERAL times through the floor (buguse) and starting before LIVE?

This time you get away with a warning, but be aware. I'm sure other opponents would have given you penalty points
score and ready screens please
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