Team vs. AYsports .BF3 4x4 team
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 AYsports .BF3 4x4 team
Status: closed
MatchID 18535211
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 14:38
map Atacama Desert
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0 : 4
AYsports .BF3 4x4 team wins !

AYsports .BF3 4x4 team

comments (9)
Yours or our server?
i think ours.
can we play this match on 19:00CET becouse i think we dont have players online on 18CET
kk, 19:00 CET will be nice. GL HF
Server infos:
Wintro search password: war
Can we play at 20:00 CET, ok?
We are ready now. Search: Wintro pass: war
where are you?
Sorry couldnt get any players. I dont think rescheduling is possible anymore, so noshow win for you.
confirm results pls
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