Creeon.eSport vs. Military Intelligence 5
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 Military Intelligence 5
Status: closed
MatchID 18535200
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 15:54
map Atacama Desert
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2 : 4
Military Intelligence 5 wins !


Military Intelligence 5

comments (19)
Our server or yours?

Ours is located in UK hosted by multiplay
2 rounds on yours and 2 rounds on our.
Angels of Death -=AD=-. Our server. Check your ping
Ok :: =[MI5]= Match Server
pw = mi5clan
We cannot play tomorow. Can we play On monday at 20 or 21)(+2gtm)
You will need to go and speak to an admin and get them to confirm in here to see if this is allowed as it will be after scheduled date that they set.
Can you play at 21 today. +1 GTM
What time is that in ESL ? CEST timezone ?
on ESL i see my time. I have +2 GTM
Ok then thats 20:00 CEST, i will check if i can get players at this time
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Ok we are good to play at 20:00 CEST which is 21:00 +2 GMT / your time

Whos server we playing on first?
maybe yours)
ok :: =[MI5]= Match Server
pw = mi5clan

Cu on there
Can a half hour to move the match. My mate have the problem with the Internet. Thank you!
We cant keep moving the match......its delaying it too much for us, spoken to my players and a couple would have to leave half way through so it needs to start at 20:00 CEST, the time arranged
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Our server Angels of Death -=AD=- #2 pw: esl
kkk we are sitting and waiting on our server for first 2 rounds cuon
very good game guys well played
you too. match was very nice)
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