Yummy Elite Sausages vs. Skilled Soldierz
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 Yummy Elite Sausages
 Skilled Soldierz
Status: closed
MatchID 18535196
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 06:45
map Atacama Desert
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4 : 0
Yummy Elite Sausages wins !

Skilled Soldierz

Yummy Elite Sausages

comments (13)
16.05 we have cq match, so cant play on that date
we can play tomorrow at 21:00 CET
or 15.05 at 20:30 CET

got server: Team Yes, ip:
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we can't play tomorrow, maybe its better to play on Sutarday.
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ok, saturday, 20:30 CET
could we play on sunday like 3, 4 or 5pm?
one of us cant play tonight :S
Do you allow us to use a player that isnt in our esl team yet? admin isnt replying to ticket to unlock team, sended 4 hours ago.

player's page: http://www.esl.eu/eu/#/eu/player/5071424/
so line up will be C-style, elitemarine, lancelukie, freezy
sure, its not a problem
so what time?
we will come to ur server at 21:00 CEST for thefirst 2 rounds, then we will switch to our server for last 2 rounds(unless we ahve no problems with ur server)
our server: Team Yes
pass: war
protest ignore?
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ou.. what nonsense ^^
dismissed, my young girl
Too bad we couldn't move the match otherwise we could've played more seriously with our main lineup.
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