vital-Gaming.BC2.UK vs. wolfen-dragoners
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Status: closed
MatchID 18535188
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 10/05/10 17:00
map Atacama Desert
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4 : 0
vital-Gaming.BC2.UK wins !
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Hey hey
Hey hey yourself! ;o)

When would you be able to play that match?
We probably can play any day of the week, but we do have a preference for early days (like.. huh, lets see... monday!)
One other thing is the timezone thing... Most "continental" guys play at 21cet (I believe that'd be 10pm GMT) ; We might be able to play a bit earlier (like 20.30 CET), but as games don't last very long in BFBC2, I hope that wouldn't be a problem for you!

So, what do you say? would monday (10th) @ 21cet (or 20.30) be OK?

By looking at your homepage, you guys seem pretty strong! Can't wait to play you!
Oh, and one last thing, I hope you got a server :D

see ya
Monday could be cool, 2 of us are on CET so thats not a massive problem, but I'll ask the men and get back to you.
Monday 21:00 CET alrite for you guys?
That'd be perfect ;)
Do you have a server?
Side note:
Last week, we opened a support ticket on ESL (ticket #3233827) because one of our players can't join the team.
An error message keeps poping up when he tries to do so.
His id # is 4945998 ; profile (and ingame) name is Kher.
I didn't had a chance to contact a cup admin yet, and French ones are really slow on resolving the issue.
If you don't mind, we'd like to play with him on monday.

I'll make sure admins are aware of the situation, but I just wanted to check with you.
Yes and Yes :)
GG ++ Sorry for the delay with our last.
gg , good game fair guys ;)

thx for having patience , nearly threw my pc out of the window xD
no problem.
Wp :)
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