1stCav BF:BC2 15. Reg. BETA vs. Brothers Of Scandinavia.bc2
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 1stCav BF:BC2 15. Reg. BETA
 Brothers Of Scandinavia.bc2
Status: closed
MatchID 18535186
Date Sunday, 16/05/10 12:00
Calculated 16/05/10 15:53
map Atacama Desert
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5 : 3
1stCav BF:BC2 15. Reg. BETA wins !
comments (16)
Is the matchdate fixed? Because it cann't be reschedule.
Anyway I hope that we'll get the team to play it at this date.
well, i think it's unnable to move the match so we got to play that time.
If you like we can play on our server (look for stCav pass war) or 50/50
where's your server located? ours is located in amsterdam.
I guess, in Germany?
sure, works fine for us.
but can we play 20.00 CET? that would be best for us.
Ok. We can play at 20.00 CET. 18.00 CET is also to early for us.
Concerning the server - we can start at your server and if the first half shows us, that the pings are good, we can continue second half at your server. Otherwise we can go to our server for second half.
sounds great.
Search: Brothers Of Scandinavia
pw: bosbc2
Will be at your server at 19:50
Cannot find your server
is it really allowed to change players in the same match?
well, GL in the future :p
you too and thanks for match with a huge dose adrenaline ^^
yeah lol, both teams were good as defenders :P
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