4on4 TDM Knife the VIP *UPDATE*
The first ESL-try of a knife the VIP cup based on experience of the knifethevip-tournament by Doubledutchclan.nl! Something new and funny for the ESL BC2 community. Sign ups are open until the 2nd september 2011. Settle up your teams!

The cup will be on the 4th and 5th september 2011. Remember that all players in this cup HAVE TO run the ESL Wire Anti-Cheat! Otherwise default wins and perhaps other punishments will be given out. And now a few important informations about the cup:


4on4 KnifeTheVIP
Mode Single Elimination 1 Map
Contestants 32 Teams
Map Isla Inocentes
Gamemode TDM
Schedule Round #1 - 04/09/2011 19:00 CET
Round #2 - 04/09/2011 20:00 CET
Round #3 - 04/09/2011 21:00 CET
Round #4 - 04/09/2011 22:00 CET
Next day:
Finals - 05/09/2011 20:00 CET
Rules When your opponent does not show up within 15 minutes of the match start they will lose by forfeit. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat need to be used! Special rules underneath.
Sign Up!

  • Hardcore: off
  • Friendly fire: on
  • 3D spotting: off
  • Mini Map spotting: off - to avoid random spotting
  • Kill Cam: off
  • Killlimit: 50
  • The VIP has to wear the VIP tag – he’s the only one!
    (for example: [VIP] Coci)
  • VIP has to be RECON and he’s the only one who takes this class
  • The VIP is not allowed to use any weapon beside his knife and the motion-sensor
  • The team with the most VIP-knife-kills wins
  • The round ends when one team has reached 50 kills
  • Suicide is not allowed
  • Consciously team killing is not allowed
  • The VIP has to spawn after the respawn-time – it’s not allowed to hold the spawn for the VIP
  • Using the TANK is not allowed!
  • Violating one of these rules will lead to a default loss for this team
Disallowed weapons
  • No M60
  • No MG3
  • No AN-94 Abakan
  • No NEOSTEAD 2000 Combat, SPAS-12 Combat, 870 Combat
  • No 40mm grenade launcher
  • No rockets
  • No C4
  • No Mines
  • You have to make a screenshot of every knifed VIP or at least the agreement of your opponent
  • ESL–Wire is mandatory!

Gather your teams and have fun!

The final Result:

Double Dutch Clan E-sports


Paranoia eSports

Congratulation Team Double Dutch Clan.

Your Admin Team
bLuE, Tuesday, 23/08/11 13:23
The Sign up!
The Tournament Tree
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This is one nice funmode on BC2 :)
and when there were no vip kills or 2-2 for example?

Double Dutch represented !
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crazybas wrote:
and when there were no vip kills or 2-2 for example?

Double Dutch represented !

First @ 50kills ?
:d nice
Gl & Hf :D
funny mode ;)
#8 geox <3
#8 & #9 bots! ^^

Funmode =)
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Yeah very nice cup! we represent 2!
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<3 knife
fun cap <3
almost weekend!
Team for the cup /msg me
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