come at me! vs. RUSBAT
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 come at me!
Status: closed
MatchID 21323603
Date Sunday, 06 February 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 06 February 22:27
Round Round of 16
Teamsize 5on5
map Nelson Bay
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Result Media
203 : 0
come at me! wins !
Sunday, 06 February 22:27
Round 1*
283 kB, Sunday, 06 February 22:27, by AUPIRIDDY (bro)
* No longer available


come at me!

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your server!
server: gamed
GROM79 wrote:
Ребят, Вы ввели неверный результат, мы проиграли 115-0.
Удачи в дальнейших играх.

Guys you have entered the wrong result, we lost 115-0.
Good luck in this cup.
Hi all.
We lost, wrong result in past match.
You should be playing with Wintro.
Correct Match, another admin than me ofc, changed the result. Wintro used a ringer/disallowed player. Therefore RUSBAT won by forfite.
sharkman was hacked

05.02.11 12:21h Wintro.eSports.BC2 kick_member Black_anggel / by 3859069
05.02.11 12:32h Wintro.eSports.BC2 kick_member Topek / by 3859069
05.02.11 12:35h Wintro.eSports.BC2 kick_member Stoq / by 3859069
05.02.11 12:45h Wintro.eSports.BC2 leave_member Sharkman

we lost 2 players

can we play?
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MAtchchat pleasE?!
Moreover, i've created support on ESL and still no answer
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gl RUSBAT =)
match status?
done - won by come at me!
I put screenshots into wire, why are they not here?
wrong tickets... 228 or so...
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