The Unit vs. Tronderbataljonen - BC2
Contestants Parameters
 15.  79.

 The Unit
 Tronderbataljonen - BC2
Status: closed
MatchID 17940623
Date Sunday, 28/03/10 14:00
Calculated 28/03/10 14:41
map Panama Canal
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Result Media
2 : 0
The Unit wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0
comments (2)
add me on xFire: Dandrium or contact me on IRC: #tronderbataljonen to schedule the match :)
Tronderbataljonen didnt show up, Dane told me that they dont have enough player to play.

So it will be a Def win for TheUnit.

@ Tronderbataljonen
Im sad that this match didnt happend, whis you good luck and a lot of fun in the next matches. Maybe we can make a pcw after the Cup :-)
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