Kater vs. MaxFloPlaY.bfbc2
Contestants Parameters
 36.  100.

Status: closed
MatchID 17940556
Date Sunday, 28 March 20:00
Calculated Friday, 09 April 00:24
map Panama Canal
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Result Media
1 : 1
Points +1 : +1
Sunday, 28 March 23:24
R1 - LIVE*
155 kB, Sunday, 28 March 23:24, by 1644119 (MaxFloPlaY)
Sunday, 28 March 23:24
R1 - scores*
110 kB, Sunday, 28 March 23:24, by 1644119 (MaxFloPlaY)
Sunday, 28 March 23:24
R2 - LIVE*
117 kB, Sunday, 28 March 23:24, by 1644119 (MaxFloPlaY)
Sunday, 28 March 23:24
111 kB, Sunday, 28 March 23:24, by 1644119 (MaxFloPlaY)
Sunday, 04 April 18:28
Violating Rules 1*
285 kB, Sunday, 04 April 18:28, by Katerpile (Kt)
Sunday, 04 April 18:30
Violating rules 2*
307 kB, Sunday, 04 April 18:30, by Katerpile (Kt)
* No longer available



comments (28)
Hi guys, we have a neutral multiplay server..
Any day to play???
Yo, we too have a neutral server, placed in germany.
I guess we will play 50/50
Lets play tommorow at 20.00
We have a match at 21:00, if you wait finish, perfect, and then we play later, about 22:00 or so
ok 22.00 is fine
Ok 22:00-22:15 in CEST (Central European Summer Time)
Server IP and pass?
srver name: MaxFloPlay
pass: clanwar2002 (will be set at 21:30)

u gotta find it in server browser... still need ip?

server name: MaxFlo# play-esports.pl
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naaah another no show? -.-
guys we NOW end the match in Squad rush ESL, now we ready to play
cool, np
just join the server when u ready :)
thx for fightin to the end.
thanks for playing. gg
Thursday sounds like a best day for a rematch. UF, what u think?
We have 1 problem. In Spain are holidays and not many people available. We will have available any day of the next week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is fine of next week
4 days to make a rematch and no response and you win by cheating with the rules GOOOD PLAYERS FAIR PLAY?....
thursday, 20:00 CET forced Matchdate. Otherwise Defwin/Admin judgement.
CET? or CEST? The hour changed last week
Ok we have MULTIPLAY.CO.UK SERVER (london). In the last match, we play in the poland team server and right now, we can play on our neutral server.

Multiplay.co.uk :: ultimafase.es
Password: cw

08/04/2010 at 20:00 CEST, we wait on the server.
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fuckin hilarious ... waiting for nuked response
I replied
What about playing the match at 22:00 or 22:30 CEST?
Ok the match is, today 22:30 CEST in our server. both sides agree
Thx gg
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