A few weeks have passed since Versus entered BF4. With this news we want to announce the offical rules for Versus. Please read the rules carefully because VERSUS isn't a ladder and has it's own rules.

ESL Wire

ESL Wire is mandatory in every Versus-match.

The penalty for not having a correct Wire-Session (Login+Logout): "-30 Points"
ESL Wire News


Banned weapons/gadgets
    Banned weapons/gadgets
  • m320 except smoke
  • Claymore
  • C4
  • Battle Pickups
  • m26
  • Airburst
  • Spawn beacon
  • Tugs
  • All shotguns
  • Motionballs
  • Mini nades
  • ALL DLC weapons/gadgets

Map pool
    Map pool
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Lancing Dam
  • Golmud Railway
  • Paracel storm
  • Operation Locker
  • Zavod
  • Siege of Shanghai

Server settings
    Server settings
  • Tickets: 67%
  • mandatory streams: Punkbuster and GGC
  • Rounds: 1

New to VERSUS?

Have you never played or has it just been a long time? We have created some guides for users who are new to VERSUS. Click here to get an introduction to VERSUS. Below we also added some more useful guides including how to open a VETO and handle leavers! Please note that Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for VERSUS!

New Award!

The 5 times Top 10% award

The new 5 times Top 10% award can be requested via support ticket, if you have 5 Top 10% awards. We will remove the 5 single Top 10% awards and add a nice new 5 times Top 10% award to your profile, which can be seen on the left side.

Your Admin Team

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why are mini nades banned?
Why are roofs allowed on siege?

They are not banned in main 5v5 rules ?

Should be banning impact nades, not mini nades.

But nice to have some rules up now, not sure about the wire thing, so many firends have problems with wire auto logging out on bf4,and sometimes it does not auto log-out so they think all is good, and after there versus match it doesnt upload ;/
Nice there are some rules finally.

But as miL said, why is the roof on siege suddenly allowed??

In my opinion all roofs should be banned - Zavod 311, Lancing Dam and siege of shanghai (also in the 5v5 cups)
ESL Wire is mandatory in every Versus-match.

The penalty for not having a correct Wire-Session (Login+Logout): "-30 Points"

So what about those People wich activate Wire and close it before the round starts? they play without using the anticheat the entire match and do not get -30 points. same for other ppl wich activate Wire after the round has been finished to get the login + logout.

Also what should happen if some1 breaks those rules? seen alot of V40 spam and such - what to do?
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Please just ban all roofs please
ESL wrote:
Lancing Dam

It's LancAng Dam
mamouth wrote:
ESL wrote:
Lancing Dam

It's LancAng Dam

it was Lancing damn back in the day
Thank you
Can famas and cz3a1?
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