lambda! vs. ImpulZ-eSport R4ID
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 ImpulZ-eSport R4ID
Status: closed
MatchID 29263949
Date Thursday, 21 November 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 21 November 22:10
Round Round of 16
gamemode Normal
map Lancang Dam
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0 : 1
ImpulZ-eSport R4ID wins !

ImpulZ-eSport R4ID


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Please have a look here:
The cup will be played "Best of three"
The Maplist of this match:
Map 1 / Map 2 / Map 3
Siege of Shanghai/Golmud Railway/Operation Locker
ЫSorry guys we have problem, in our country, with internet and freedom. No show for us.

If u want to help our country be stronger it's our webmoney wallet - Z214724315188
^nice haha :P
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