vitalGaming.BF3 vs. UnCut.BF4
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Status: closed
MatchID 24432572
Date Sunday, 30 October 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 30 October 20:21
Round Round of 128
map Operation Métro
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0 : 2
UnCut.BF4 wins !



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comments (15)

Sorry we dont have our server setup yet. Do you guys have one?
we have problems with our server too. any chance you get yours working?
not a scooby mate xD our provider is still sorting ours
Hey.. we are waiting for enemy..
Our server is up and running on metro, settings should be ok.. If you want - you can use ours. EU frankfurt

contact in TS3
cheers man.
whats the pass?
pass: esleu
gg :)
i thought it was 2 rounds on both attackers and defenders?

It says in the cup rules match procedure 2 rounds attacking, 2 rounds defending
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I thought this is oneround_noshift, right? In german 6on6 it was 1 round only..
Can you link please?
gg guys
Thanks Nikon,

sorry again guys. I read oneround_noshift which says: "oneround_noshift: The mixture out "oneround" and "default_noshift." One round is played, in which "zero" scores will not raise the point score."

In this case one round obviously means 4 rounds. 6on6 GER Rush Cup was oneround_noshift and only one round as attacker and one as defender.

gg! thanks a lot for the server hagbard!
can we get any xfire/steam/msn details or something for you guys to scrim against in the future?

miine is xfire/steam Lemsip01 msn
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