BF3 Closing and Statistics!
It is time for us to say goodbye to BF3 and to welcome the new BF4! We've collected a lot of data to show you and provide you with a great overview of what happened in the ESL BF3 Section from release to closure. Read on to get all of the information you need!

The Section opened it's doors in October 2011 with great tournaments like the Go4 Cups, many team-based and theme-based Cups and also some 1on1s.
As the new generation - BF4 - releases today, we will close the BF3 Section - but don't be frighten, the Versus-System of BF3 will continue work :)

The BF3 Admin-staff says goodbye to the Section and we all hope to see you again in our new Section: Battlefield 4

The BF3 EU Staff

 2284623League- and Versusadmin
 SHARKLeague- and Versusadmin
 The MoowLeagueadmin

The Hall of Fame

​​​​​ Player Ranking
# Name
1 Nightwane 1 0 1
2 Sema 1 0 0
3 Kulagin 1 0 0
4 DukeePT 1 0 0
5 Smashu 1 0 0
6 kRAZEy0 0 1 0
7 Radar 0 1 0
8 skyb0ss 0 1 0
9 Crazychickenkiller 0 1 0
10 Zennappi 0 1 0
Team Ranking
# Name
2 TCM-Gaming 10 1 2
3 siX-Finns 9 6 5
4 Epsilon 8 5 0
5 Team ROCK 8 4 1
6 against All authority 5 0 0
7 RENT-US 2 4 2
8 ExAequo.UNIVERSE 2 4 1
9 3bit - Heroic eSport 2 3 5
10 6kNtoucH 2 3 1

See the full ranking

What happened in the Section overall


We always try to close all tickets as fast as possible by following our rulebook.
The total amount of Protests we had for the entire duration of BF3 is 402, We also had 2654 Support-requests - that comes to a massive amount of 3056.

Leagues and Cups

We organized exactly 107 Tournaments and run 7 different Ladders.
The total number of Matches:



We are checking every leaguejoin for fakeaccount suspicion and other stuff, the stats of the BF3 EU Section:
The total number of league joins combined from Ladder, A-Series and Cup/league joins is 8595.


We worked on 1693 Vetos out of 194773 Versus Matches overall by checking the facts and discussing them in the internal Staff team.
Thanks to the German BF3/4 Admin-staff for helping us :)


A total amount of 189 news pieces were written to inform you about any new Information, Cups otherwise.


We are investing a lot of time and effort into locking out all the cheaters in BF3 that we can, as you can see here we have given 698 bans (ESL Wire, Admin decision and MBL-Entries) and we are still counting!
Thanks to the Wire-Team for helping us :)

Your Admin Team
bLuE, Thursday, 07/11/13 12:14
comments (11)
despite all problems... was a very good game!RIP bf3.
GJ admins!
was good fun xDD
only cause a new game is coming doesnt mean the old one is dont close ffs bf4 sux
Bad idea... -_- bf4 sux
idk why you close BF3 Versus ? and you don't close Old Cull Of Duty Series we want play BF3 back to Versus it's better BF4 Stop say goodbye to bf3 .. bf3 better bf4 .. we want BF3 BacK!
GG; it was fun!
COME BACK BF3 :((((((((((((((
funny time :D
BF3 > Bf4 ... a lot
Pls open bf3 again .
It is waaay better than bf4.
Why close it ? only because the new game of the series is out doesnt mean you need to close the old one .
Close some of really old games.
bring back bf3!
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