Open Beta starts September 29th!
It's time to announce the start of the Open Beta for the most epic tactical shooter: Battlefield 3. The Electronic Sports League is going to war, join us on the battlefield! Make sure you are ready on the 29th september 2011 to take part in the Open Beta for Battlefield 3. Check out this news to get a short overview of important facts about the BETA.
How can i join the Beta on the 29th september?

You just need to check out the official EA BF3 Beta section at the 29th september to sign up and download the Beta.

For all german users: Check this news to get one of the ESL Beta keys for Battlefield 3!

What maps or modes will be played in the Beta?

Hardcorce Battlefield action in the parisian metro and city.

Mode: Rush
Attack/defend M-COM stations, stage by stage through the parisian city

I got pre-access for the Beta, what do i have to do?

If you bought Medal of Honor:Limited Edition or preordered Battlefield 3 via Origin, you will have a 48h pre-access for the beta. Just wait for an email to get all informations about your pre-access.

What will the ESL offer for the Battlefield Beta?

Be sure that we will offer you a lot of cups for the upcoming Beta. Yes, you are right, there will be more than one cup. So gather up your teams for a short Cup Series.

Your Admin Team

We will announce a news about cup dates and match rules before the Beta is live, so make sure you're informed. For this reason join our Battlefield 3 section and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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Coci, Tuesday, 20/09/11 14:01
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rush :/
go go go!
I can't wait anymore for this beta but I'm a bit bored to play again metro :(
Go :D
no conquest :(, lets at least hope they have a working freecam/spectator mode so we can do some nice live streams, Rush-TV :)
Gl :)
There will be a cup for the beta?
Yes, we will offer you competition for the BETA.
gj Coci :)
omfg rush another fail of Dice...So who want my beta key?This map was shit in alpha (one tight tunnel aka CoD) and it will be same in beta version.
dsL wrote:
omfg rush another fail of Dice...So who want my beta key?This map was shit in alpha (one tight tunnel aka CoD) and it will be same in beta version.

give it to me :D
Mwah I agree they could have chosen a better map and mode (caspian border on conquest for instance). But it is playable, make it 5on5 infantry only and let's roll.
u will just have to enjoy the game even if u guyz dont like the map :) will be fun! cant wait ...
metro has been edited in its smallest details, according to dice the map changed totally from the alpha version to this new beta one ;)
GO bf3!!
Nice idea !
dsL rage? :D
Go4BF3! :)
27th !!!!!
Patrone wrote:
Go4BF3! :)

BasteXz wrote:
dsL rage? :D

gtfo to cod? cya QQ
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Keys tomorrow :D If anyone is looking for an extra player, i'd love to play the cups :)
Where are the Beta Cups (not one, more) ?
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