xForce TEAM Multigaming vs. RUSBAT
Contestants Parameters

 xForce TEAM Multigaming
Status: closed
MatchID 24880906
Date Thursday, 22/12/11 15:00
Calculated 22/12/11 16:38
map Strike at Karkand
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Result Media
163 : 141
xForce TEAM Multigaming wins !
22/12/11 16:33
Round 1*
129 kB, 22/12/11 16:33, by 4632818 (xForce)
22/12/11 16:33
Round 2 - - K4ziq*
130 kB, 22/12/11 16:33, by 4632818 (xForce)
* No longer available


xForce TEAM Multigaming

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comments (19)
why is wire not mandatory in this cup/eu section? shame.. especially in an infcup
Lets use ESL Wire for final, please?
Sorry we have a protest in our match with Genuin, becaused they used a car to get out of baserape.
We have screens, why is the match closed?
aztr1x wrote:
Lets use ESL Wire for final, please?

Ok, its no problem for us.

pass: war

Hello admins!
Look at the protest in previous match...
Genuin used a car in an infantry match.
We have screens and video.

Why is the match closed even though we have protested the match?


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We have a protest in our previous match, sorry for delays.
Admins, we have match open with Genuin. Will we play now with them or wait for protest result?
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Dunno, we are awaiting the deciscion from the admin regarding the protest.

Thanks for waiting :D
Looks like we play with you.

Post server please)

Our's second:
pass rw
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Seems like we got rulefucked, GL both teams!
Hopefully we meet later RUSBAT :)
WP, congrats!
gg, wp!
gg and thanks guys :)
Thank god Rusbat lost.. Unfair finalists.. :S
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ReWrite wrote:
Than god Rusbat lost.. :)

go ride a car LOL

Impact, really nice shots!
I have a feeling we will meet again, hopefully :)
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