SkyRiders.Vc Europe  Czech team  id:  1310086

Name SkyRiders.Vc Europe
Shorthandle SkyRiders|
Registered since 29/06/05
IRC #SkyRiders.qiip  (QuakeNet)
Subteam of The Legendary SkyRiders
Headquarters  Europe
ﻹ Rules:

+ We prefer game with Black Death and Vietnam mode.
+ We always play fair and expect the same of you!
+ No match adjournments shortly before a war
+ Server is discusseble, but ours is always good..
+ We don't cheat, so plz don't say we do..
+ We prefer to play with 5v5 or 6v6 players.
+ It would be nice if we can play with spectator.
+ We prefer playing with Cheat-Eye.

ﻹ Challenges:

+ For challenge, match details and others please contact wars or Best-XXX on ICQ.
+ You can challenge us everytime, but it would be good if you use ICQ first!
+ If you challenge us directly over the ESL page, we can not say for sure that we can play!
+ We have no special warday yet, so just ask us!

ﻹ During/After the match:

+ It would be nice if you speak in international language to us, because of our member!
+ We don't like flaming or spamming during a match!
+ Please confirm the result directly after the match!

ﻹ SkyRiders.Vc Awards since 2006

Place 1st : ESL Vietcong Czech Ladder 2006

Place 1st : ESL Vietcong EU Ladder 2006


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IRC #SkyRiders.qiip  (QuakeNet)
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