The Legendary SkyRiders vs. Xtream CRO Training Team
Contestants Parameters
 74.  0.

 The Legendary SkyRiders
 Xtream CRO Training Team
Status: closed
MatchID 25388022
Date Tuesday, 14 February 19:00
Calculated Tuesday, 14 February 09:28
Created by Matchmaker
map Grand Bazaar
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Result Media
4 : 0
The Legendary SkyRiders wins !
Points +28 : -28

The Legendary SkyRiders

Xtream CRO Training Team


Hello admin
this match is still played.

my mistake, we have two matches with the same clan, and one matchorga set results, and me after again - to this other match - if you can, open this match again and clear results, thx
Wrong results
How can they win when we havent even played it
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