Team 1,2 oder 3 vs. Team Redbyte ltalia
Contestants Parameters

 Team 1,2 oder 3
 Team Redbyte ltalia
Status: closed
MatchID 25615497
Date Sunday, 11 March 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 11 March 20:41
Round Round of 16
Teamsize 8on8
map Operation Firestorm
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Result Media
0 : 192
Team Redbyte ltalia wins !
Sunday, 11 March 20:04
uploaded with ESL Wire ScreenshotWin32-0061.jpg*
116 kB, Sunday, 11 March 20:04, by 1390225 (redbyte)
Sunday, 11 March 20:35
uploaded with ESL Wire ScreenshotWin32-0062.jpg*
115 kB, Sunday, 11 March 20:35, by 1390225 (redbyte)
* No longer available

Team Redbyte ltalia

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pw: pcw123

Can we play now?
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pw: pcw123

Had to switch server because of general routing problems between Italy and Germany.
ye, ghot problem with ESL ;(
Plz I have to go out :)
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