Virtual Gamers Alliance BF vs. Team 1,2 oder 3
Contestants Parameters

 Virtual Gamers Alliance BF
 Team 1,2 oder 3
Status: closed
MatchID 24652852
Date Tuesday, 29 November 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 29 November 22:07
Round Round of 16
Teamsize 8on8
map Caspian Border
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Result Media
0 : 100
Team 1,2 oder 3 wins !
Tuesday, 29 November 21:59
Round 1*
231 kB, Tuesday, 29 November 21:59, by Seb0 (123)
Tuesday, 29 November 21:59
Round 2*
225 kB, Tuesday, 29 November 21:59, by Seb0 (123)
* No longer available

Team 1,2 oder 3


29/11/11 16:15
Both teams disqualified
According to the news of today, both teams will be disqualified.

You played ~ 74 minutes and you need 113 minutes!
There is a difference of 39 minutes.
comments (18)
First Server?
first round over now playing second
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you want to tell me, that you need 70 minutes for one round?
I'm curious to see this screenshot..
both team lose pls.
cup will be delayed again..
What the hell is going on ?
We Play
Are you kidding me ? 2 hours to play a map with 300 tickets ?
its over now
gg wp nice game :D
Yes Server Probs & EA Disconnect etc.
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These screenshots are a joke. We did a close match and we played 15 minutes each side only... What the hell did you do ?
waiting in their bases ^^
U played with 800 tickets ?????
We played with 250 tickets.

We misinterpret the rules:
"Currently the option to adjust the tickets is missing. According to this we use the default ticket values. 200-250 tickets on 32 players Conquest Small Maps. If server settings are available we may change the tickets for the different maps."

And we had a 45 minute fight on the first side with 2 flags for each team. Final result 1:0 tickets! UNIR will confirm this.

No offence, but we always joined the server as fast as possible. Pls change the rules :)
The admin-decision is tough but understandable.
Maybe we need another clantag ;)
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