GatherConnection vs. Fizzy Bubblech
Contestants Parameters
 1.  10.

 Fizzy Bubblech
Status: closed
MatchID 13522640
Date Tuesday, 28 April 19:00
Calculated Tuesday, 28 April 21:27
map Camp Gibralta (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
86 : 131
111 : 0
GatherConnection wins !
Points -8 : +8


comments (18)
hey ho =D maybe the revenge of gadz =P
again u)
Hi guys. I am afraid that 19:00 is too early. we will not have five players. I will write more later.
Hey ok when do you have time to play?
20:00?or 20.30?
think 20:00
what ping u have on the rus server? [3.02] G-H.SU | SOBR match server #2
pw 123

we cant play at your server (high ping)
[3.02] Gather Connection
revenge failed =D
gg hard game thx ;)
gg nice match :)
gg n1^ War
omg -7 gratz
???wieso minus -7?????was is das für ein scheiss....
Cause your team has not won the first round, so no full win, but check the what if machine ;)
er fragt in deutsch und du antwortest in english...sinnlos
und das was du da rein schreibst ist noch viel Sinnbefreiter LG xD
ja und du bist ein stueck scheisse ohne rechte
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