Fizzy Bubblech vs. UK Combat Elite
Contestants Parameters
 19.  23.

 Fizzy Bubblech
 UK Combat Elite
Status: closed
MatchID 13287920
Date Friday, 10 April 21:00
Calculated Friday, 10 April 22:36
map Cerbere Landing (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
152 : 0
201 : 0
Fizzy Bubblech wins !
Points +20 : -20
comments (21)
When do u want to play
if tomorrow at 19:30?
Tommorow at 19:30 if barred players can play please as we wont have much on.
Yes / no?
launch xfire
I am now trying to find all of my team. is it possible I will answer you in a hour?
need to set CAMP map, while did not confirm a match.
let's move the match, I am afraid we will not have time, I forgot about wintercup match (
Have moved the match to Friday the 10th at 20:00 as discussed over X-Fire
Good look with you Winter Cup match
You still ok to play. Do you want to do 50/50
are server details

IP : Port : 16667
Password : match121
UKCE Clanmod Streaming to PBBans with MD5 Checks
How about to play all match on the ger server? [3.02] Party-Squad 2142
pw partysquad
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we have a problem, perhaps we will have only four players. the fifth is still not online.
maybe camp 4v4 ?
Do you think if we wait he will come on?
his video card has died )
trying to find someone...
Ok Mate
DiG[RuS] has 2 guids? :/
First quid was wrong. he had a problem with the cd-key. My screenshot after he made a reconnect.
We accept result and gg just wondered why his guids are different and he has 20+ guids on his ip :P
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and yet for some reason I named screenshot CAMP, probably like to play on CAMP
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