Fizzy Bubblech vs. cY.Gam1ng Alpha
Contestants Parameters
 20.  0.

 Fizzy Bubblech
 cY.Gam1ng Alpha
Status: closed
MatchID 13272834
Date Tuesday, 07 April 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 07 April 20:55
map Camp Gibralta (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
32 : 143
0 : 162
cY.Gam1ng Alpha wins !
Points -19 : +19

cY.Gam1ng Alpha

comments (22)
I think we can play only on Saturday =) ^^
No... on Sunday!
sry i mean sunday omg^^
so we play today?
Sunday we have other matches...
I'am a barred player!
Do you accept if i play?
i dont think so can we play next week ...
Sorry i'am a barred player in the main team of Cynthia not in this team xD
Saturday evening --> nobody will be @ home ^^

So we could play
1.) During this week
2.) Next Sunday
Sorry, but this Sunday we can not, means next week.
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How about tomorrow at 19:30?
Later you can't play?
We havent enough players for 19:30... so maybe @21 o'clock or tomorrow :/?!
we play today? tuesday 04/07
truth I'm not sure about today. after yesterday's wintercup match no one online ))
ok we play today i think =)
ip pw ?
gg ... omg ^^
gg =)
loool Protest? ^^
wohoo, finally the protest is closed -.-

thank you SOOOO MUCH mr. supermanadmin
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