Fizzy Bubblech vs. Karma BF2142 5on5
Contestants Parameters
 16.  10.

 Fizzy Bubblech
 Karma BF2142 5on5
Status: closed
MatchID 13252066
Date Sunday, 05 April 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 05 April 22:28
map Tunis Harbour (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
27 : 145
38 : 135
Karma BF2142 5on5 wins !
Points -17 : +17

Fizzy Bubblech

Karma Bad Company 4on4

comments (6)
we can start a little early? 21:00 ?
uk neutral ip:
server is open no pass for now

or portuguese one for 50|50


pass: fun

theres a change if the pt one be on bf2 mod if want to test ping or something tell me XD

gl have fun
We do not have the fifth player.
We will play four of us, but on the CAMP map.
ok np
gg thx for the game we had to play 4vs4 on the 2 round thats why is 2 pb_plist screens in there.
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