Fizzy Bubblech vs. EuroAiM eSport Alpha
Contestants Parameters
 12.  5.

 Fizzy Bubblech
 EuroAiM eSport Alpha
Status: closed
MatchID 13229857
Date Tuesday, 21 April 21:00
Calculated Tuesday, 21 April 22:29
map Verdun (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
0 : 175
126 : 132
EuroAiM eSport Alpha wins !
Points -3 : +3

EuroAiM eSport Alpha

Server And Report
Euro|AiM Warserver
PW: euro123
Streaming to PBB + GV


Last round the server crashed, as you can see in the screenshot. We agreed to leave results to what was before d/c, if this is not allowed please tell us and we will play second round again.
comments (14)
Too short notice and too early in the day. Different day and time kthx!!!
1 Apr 20:00 ?
Not this week unfortunately. All days are booked. maybe next week :)
<3 prior
<3 beer
<3 Me :)
we know ezey we know... lol
@ #6 - "Me" = WoW.
is this happening?
Let's play on neutral server [3.02] Team|WoD CB.mod
pw 39575
Fouk_You.. I hope this is not an insult ;D
I think Euro cleares this match :P
First, we had a problem with fifth player. Called the new player. Then my ping has been bad, I do not know why...
in the end, the server died )
We did not replay the second round, EuAiM won.
Our mission is accomplished. EvroAim not received pp for cancelled challenge. ))
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thanks ;)
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