We Are Gamers - BF:BC2 vs. Bataillon Francophone
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 6.  5.

 We Are Gamers - BF:BC2
 Bataillon Francophone
Status: closed
MatchID 12557939
Date Sunday, 15 March 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 15 March 21:49
map Camp Gibralta (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
144 : 54
176 : 0
We Are Gamers - BF:BC2 wins !
Points +23 : -23

Bataillon Francophone

We are Gamers - Honorary

comments (18)
Lol??? 13/3??? u couldn't play before????
any other date before????
Hi, we have a neutral server in Uk, good ping 4 all and works well :) pw:war123
Streaming in PBBans and Restriction 2 :)

Finally , we cannot play the match friday . Can you report the match for the next week ?
hmmm next week we are in "Fallas" (valencia's party) and we cant play, play this week or u will get pp's :/
Then report the match for 2 weeks :)
hmmm this match have 1 month in your open matches... now u cant play? play this wednesday, this sunday... OMG do u need 1 more month? :SS
So let's play to Sunday 15/03 21:00
If we play on sunday, we will be 4; do u want to play 4on4?
Ok .
I will have a very nice hungover in this match :/
Also you can play ?
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yes cu on server :) 4on4 remember :)
gg we dont know how to play 4on4 :/
Good game guys! Thanks for play 4on4, and good luck in future! :D
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