RoYaL Gaming vs. Karma BF2142 5on5
Contestants Parameters
 9.  11.

 RoYaL Gaming
 Karma BF2142 5on5
Status: closed
MatchID 12358184
Date Sunday, 22 February 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 22 February 22:28
map Verdun (16)
teamsize 5on5
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Result Media
29 : 115
119 : 13
RoYaL Gaming wins !
Points -1 : +1

Karma Bad Company 4on4

RoYaL Gaming - BF2142

RoYaL Gaming
22/02/09 12:37
Server & Stream
[3.02]~RoYaL~ Clanmodserver
PW: royalcup
Pbbans & GGC Stream
comments (16)
you guys wona play on a neutral server? or 50|50?
50/50 is good
plz post u server too check out the pings
we have uk and one portuguesse we coud do all on uk neutral? or you guys dont want neutral?
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no neutral
plz 50/50

i cant connect to the server
sorry i was on bf2 now is up
u server its not streaming to pbbans?????
password is afextit
whats uppp?????
pass: karma
it as md5toll has you asked
its from euroaim
Your MD5Tool check is wrong you can´t check usersettings.con with AT0 this will check the camerashake too.

Pls update that Check with AT112 LEN275 MD5=E18F55ED17A02EE5F00FB68F1A144DA0

Who has made your MD5 Checks?
Maybe he read this before triying that stupid Checks

By the way, your Checks are to slow and dont Check everything on each Player in a Round.

the server is not even ours i just hasked in that moment by x-fire for the server to play.

but i have informed euro aim team already.

i hope we meet again some day. gl for our next games
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