Fizzy Bubblech vs. BeBack
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 Fizzy Bubblech
Status: closed
MatchID 12959933
Date Monday, 23 March 21:00
Calculated Thursday, 07 May 09:58
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Verdun 80 : 205
Camp_Gibraltar 172 : 192
BeBack wins !


Fizzy Bubblech

comments (17)
Hi ! ! !
ok. when we play?
Maybe Monday 4th @ 21:00 CET
Still alive??? :0
I just answer tomorrow
will play today?
we have a problem. Today we do not have the fifth player. we can play on Wednesday?
ok @ 21:00 CET
gl both of you =)
how about ger server? TeamWod or Party-Squad
Ok for party-squad server !!! [3.02] Party-Squad 2142
pw partysquad
GG guys!!! Was a pretty good match especially verdun's first round ;)
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yes gg, thx. we also liked.
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