Project Darkness vs. XIII.BF2142
Contestants Parameters
 12.  24.

 Project Darkness
Status: closed
MatchID 12105807
Date Monday, 09 February 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 15 February 21:56
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 1 : 0
cerere_landing 1 : 0
Project Darkness wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 22 February 20:11
53 kB, Sunday, 22 February 20:11, by 3017570 (Team|WoD)
* No longer available

Project Darkness

comments (29)

we can can play one round on our and one round on your Server.

Our server is:
pass: 1918

Of course we can play 50/50
Hey Wesley :-)

Ehm would it be possible to play on sunday 15.02.09, 20.00h ??

Of course we play 50/50 no problem!
please add me in xfire for fix all the details :-)

Thx and hear you!


we want to play without EMP, RDX and APM!

We can't play Today guys ! Please give an Answer !!!
Ok, we reserved todays date for our match but our team can play on sunday if today isn't possible.

without EMP, RDX and APM! rule is ok for us and we accept 20.00 hour as well.
Thx,see you sunday!
yea see ya sunday ! Thx for your teamplay =)
PW: wodcb
We would like to play on our server first
good game
Your PB List is missing!
No PB on Server, no Result...
yea where's your PB List ???
Well guys...we have to set another date for the match. Obviously it will be repeated.

Would you please announce your available dates for the match?

Thank you very much and have a nice evening!

Stay Metal
Team|WoD SeVeNkiLLeR
I just want to let you know that we can only play on Friday,Saturday and Sunday because i don't think, that we get enough players for the other days.

Thank you
This match has to be played until the 22.02.09
Yeah, sunday is 22.02.09?
Guys, all Winter Cup matches are on MONDAYS. Why you give us time till sunday? If you made a cup where all matches are on monday I think You should keep that rule...

Thank you
when the match must play until the 22.02 xD !
we have no monday till then ;)

see ya sunday!!! greetings aim
ok 20.00

PW: wodcb
They didn't play the Match because they hadn't enough Player.

So we win the Match!
Default win for Project Darkness - No show for XIII.BF2142
Why has got XII the Points?
Please give us the points for the Match ;)
Done - sorry for trouble.
Thx Numb3r
Why do have XIII twelve points? That doesn't make any sense to me..
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