Messengers of Death vs. Te4m SulPhuR1c
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 46.  22.

 Messengers of Death
 Te4m SulPhuR1c
Status: closed
MatchID 12105782
Date Monday, 02 February 21:00
Calculated Monday, 09 February 21:17
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tunis_harbor 122 : 293
camp_gibraltar 63 : 307
Te4m SulPhuR1c wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 09 February 21:09
129 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:09, by 2808653
Monday, 09 February 21:06
Round 1*
152 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:06, by 3201062
Monday, 09 February 21:08
Round 1*
82 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:08, by 2808653
Monday, 09 February 21:07
Round 2*
152 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:07, by 3201062
Monday, 09 February 21:07
Round 3*
78 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:07, by 3201062
Monday, 09 February 21:07
Round 4*
92 kB, Monday, 09 February 21:07, by 3201062
* No longer available

Messengers of Death

Te4m SulPhuR1c

comments (31)
What server it is played and when? We offer on February, 6th
For server we search.
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ok, want to play day on 6 February?

changes the date and I accept ;)
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So, what day we play? You can play on my server: [3.02] Clan S4DroN:


Pass: mundaka


PS: say me the date of the match plz
Your server is not streaming to PBBans.

Our server:
[3.02] G-H.SU | MoD-Team ClanMod server
Server IP:
Pass: modwar
Streaming: PBBans&GGC
We play 50/50% ok? The first and second round on your server. The 3rd and 4nd round on our server. Yes. Our server isn't streaming with pbbans cos we are having some problems with the cofiguration... But Np we will use the *SPAIN* Server. I give you the password and the IP. It is streaming with PBbans.

Password--> OCBwar

GL & HF ;)
Hi, can you play at 19:00 please??? Some of our player can't play later. :)

thx you.
For us 19.00 most good time. At us already will be 23.00
... 23:00 its very late. can u play at 21:00? its the time for the match and a neutral time.
You have not understood me :)
Our time is +4 CET or +5 GMT
19.00 we arrange completely
We play 19.00(CET)
ahh ok, Sorry, so, what time should I play???? OMG
6 February, 19.00(CET)
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Ok But I have found your server and all of my team mates have 180 of ping... is imposible to play... Can we use a Neutral server (80-100 of ping) for the 4 Rounds? Thx you. :)
Certainly, we can use a neutral server.
[3.02] get p0wned
Server IP:
password: paranoia
6 February, 19.00 CET
hey we can not play today because it is too early for us and we are working we can change the game for Sunday 8 February at 20:30
And if today at 20.00?

On Sunday we can only at 19.00 (at us will be already 23.00), as on Monday on job. And with a server it will be not clear.
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ok sunday at 19:00
can new players play the match?
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08/02/09 at 19:30 play the match :D gL

can new players play the match?
The neutral server is necessary.
The answer on new players we will tell later.
We play the 4 rounds on a neutral server ok?
Do you have a neutral server?
we need more people,please,can play our new players?
Server: [3.02] Paranoia Gamers
pass: koira
We are agree that your 2 new players play in this match, but you must agree play our 2 new players.
ok perfect ;) gL
GO on server
And now??????? what server¿? because you have found a server when other players have OTHER WAR... WTF MAN????.

lol?We do go to a server there are two match done at the same time? This is not well done.
PrG-A| Schweinhund: i didint remember that our bravo suqad have clan base war
PrG-A| Schweinhund: im really sorry

We suggest to play tomorrow.
I have agreed to transfer a match since Friday on Sunday, now you agree for tomorrow.
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Ok we play today at 19:30 on LONDON TIME ok?

Give me the IP and the password of the neutral server ok?

19.30(CET) or 19.30(GMT)?????
Sorry, Dont watch the first ROUND 1 it's a error. Watch the PB_GUID
GG, nice skills, bad pings ;)
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