LTD vs. OCB.BF2142
Contestants Parameters
 9.  33.

Status: closed
MatchID 12105774
Date Monday, 26 January 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 25 January 22:09
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 84 : 349
verdun 0 : 347
OCB.BF2142 wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 25 January 22:01
Guid server RUS*
96 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:01, by mahy (OCB)
Sunday, 25 January 22:02
Guid server Spain*
138 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:02, by mahy (OCB)
Sunday, 25 January 22:03
Round 1*
139 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:03, by mahy (OCB)
Sunday, 25 January 22:03
Round 2*
138 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:03, by mahy (OCB)
Sunday, 25 January 22:05
Round 3*
129 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:05, by mahy (OCB)
Sunday, 25 January 22:08
Round 4*
123 kB, Sunday, 25 January 22:08, by mahy (OCB)
* No longer available


comments (23)
Hi friends. Play Camp 18/01 or 25/01? that day is best?

Hi ! I think we can try to get our lineup at 18 Jan. Better time for us is 20:00 cet or early.
Two questions:
1) Can we play at neutral german serv ? Couse you guys from Spain and we are from Russia and Ukraine.
2) Can pls our barred player play at this match ? Couse it's will be hard to find 5th players without him.
OK friends.

1 We want to play 50-50 (we have players from the Canary Islands and have a lot of ping in Russia and Germany) I think is the most fair and the rules are.

2nd play map Fall of Berlin (or can be changed to Camp Gibraltar?).

We want to play the 3rd day because we do not have 25/01 players for the 18th jordon friends.

agree with everything? GL

If you play the 25th player can play
Sorry, it's a little hard to understand you mate...
So, your want to play 25 jan ?

And u agree to play on russian serv (50/50) with any ping ?

If that all right - it's oke for us.

About maps. There is no such "we want" or "you choose".
In rules first two maps will be Berlin and Verdun.
We can just choose witch map we will play on witch serv. We want to play Verdun on our serv.
OK we agree friends played the 25th at 20h europa. 50/50 first play on your server Verdum map and map server berlin Spanish ok?

thanks for everything
we play:
25 jan at 20:00 cet
First - map Verdun on our Russian serv
Second - map Berlin on your Spanish serv
I will give you IP of our russian serv a little closer to match.
Guys ! Give me pls IP of your serv ! We want to try our pings there !
ok friends.

Server ip:
Pass: war123 (or) waresl

Your server??
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I think our serv will be

OK friends first in your server verdun thx for all GL & HF
Gl LTD ;)
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pass: corw13
cu on
Thenks, we live.
Hi friends

Server ip:
Pass: OCBwar
poned esto: Hi, my teammate Nilista has bought another new game, but he lost his ESL pw account and the recuperation pw e-mail didn't work. Can he play? Here is a proof of his new pb_guid:
I think that not a problem. Ok, Guys.Yes, he can play.
Thanks, Guys, we lose and you win.
Thx friends. GG nice team. GL in the Winter Cup
Do you have gamedemo?
Congratulations friends
OCB have cheats ;p right mahy :D ? GG
jaja I kill you pajozi :@ XD thx all
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