Karma Bad Company 4on4 vs. Getinge Sweden BC2
Contestants Parameters
 32.  44.

 Karma Bad Company 4on4
 Getinge Sweden BC2
Status: closed
MatchID 12105769
Date Monday, 26 January 21:00
Calculated Sunday, 01 February 21:15
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Result Media
fall_of_berlin 202 : 178
verdun 89 : 203
Getinge Sweden BC2 wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 01 February 20:39
Round 1*
115 kB, Sunday, 01 February 20:39, by 2126675 (G-SWE)
Sunday, 01 February 20:39
Round 2*
120 kB, Sunday, 01 February 20:39, by 2126675 (G-SWE)
Sunday, 01 February 21:13
Round 3*
128 kB, Sunday, 01 February 21:13, by 3115355 (Karma)
Sunday, 01 February 20:40
Round 4*
120 kB, Sunday, 01 February 20:40, by 2126675 (G-SWE)
Sunday, 01 February 21:13
141 kB, Sunday, 01 February 21:13, by 3115355 (Karma)
* No longer available
comments (30)
hello gl hf
hi i think the time is too late can we change it??
sorry but we are thinking in play even later cause is 20h in my cuntry and is to soon for us some of us work and only get home at top of the hour so we can change the game to a day that we can play whit out problems any sugestion?
yes but what day??? maby sunday 25/1 19 or 20:00.
that woud be good be i dont know if we can play before the day set by esl i think we can delay not play before but it was a good ideia. maeby we can play sunday take the srrens and put the result monday?
yes thats sounds good
we have one game for esl leader at 18:00 gmt_0

so if we will do the game sunday it will have to be sooner or later
if its possible for you we can play 19.00??
19:30 plese and you want 50|50? we have an uk server if you want neutral
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sorry we dont have team that late
let us play monday 19:00
munday we cant at 19 only at defualt hour or later
tell me a day you can play earlier then the time that was set for this match
only on week end and have to thalk whit may mates if you chose for saturday
lycka till grappar ;> ni tar dom.
so in wat day you prefer next sturday or sunday? and at wat hour so ican move the game for that date
we can play on sunday, 18.00???
yes. here are you guys from? you are on gmt+1 rhit? we are on gmt-0
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yes we are on gmt+1 i think i have to check that
we are gmt+1
k good so we play at your 18 our 17.
what server??
ip pw is bulle
uk server ip: :16767
pass: last
gg hard one to bad we start to have 80 to 130 of ping even my clan bf2 division have same problem is a national problem and have allays to hapen in bad times.......

but any way well playde
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GG people maybe next time we play same ping like the first round all the game LOL. And xico will have connection fix 500 ping unplayable lol . Gl for your next match
wery hard and wery fun match, thanks for match.
put the results and sreens for me us to acept plese
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i miss the first screen on berlin, and a send in the other screen,and next match i hope we have 5 players all match
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And a better server,,,,hade some problem.
But a very tight match.
GL in the cup Karma and thanks 4 the match.
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